Referral Partners

At Converge Capital Group, we pride ourselves on providing a superior client experience for the clients you refer to us. On top of that, we will offer any referral partner 25% of the commission we earn if a client you refer to us completes an application and their file is funded. We help your clients obtain the capital they need to grow their business while you earn ongoing commissions for each referral you send our way. If you desire to not receive the referral commission you have earned, we will make a donation for that exact amount to a charity or organization of your choice and provide documentation of such donation on your behalf. This is a great way to show your commitment to the business owner clients you serve.


You are a trusted provider by your business clients and have a complete view of their financial picture. By having a discussion with your client and inquiring if they could use additional capital to cover acquire new equipment, expand, make payroll, pay taxes due or for any other unexpected type of expense, a referral to Converge Capital Group can help solve their problem.

Commercial Bankers

You have direct access to your client’s deposit accounts and loan applications. If your client has been turned down for traditional bank financing or has fallen behind paying on any existing lines of credit or loans, we may be able to step in and provide the working capital they need to bring them current while taking a second lien position behind your financial institution. Preserve your relationship with your banking client while assisting them to solve their problem by way of a referral to Converge Capital Group for the funding they need.

Wealth Managers

You are entrusted with managing client assets based on their risk tolerance, investment objectives and time horizon to reach their investment goals. You also may know of any liquidity needs that may arise to assist them in the continued growth of their businesses. We have often seen situations where if a client needs working capital to acquire a business, expand an existing business or meet the unexpected expenses that may come up, your client may be faced with liquidating assets to cover these situations. They could take a margin loan on their current assets but why take that direction when you can refer your client to Converge Capital Group to help solve the immediate problem they may be faced with while preserving their assets at the same time.

Commercial Insurance Brokers

You serve your business client’s by protecting them from loss, guiding them through crisis and by being there when your client needs you most. Whether its business auto, business interruption, cyber, property & assets or workers compensation insurance coverage, you are there to anticipate their needs. You truly understand the businesses you help to insure and their desire to seize new business opportunities while minimizing risk. Based on that, a referral to Converge Capital Group for any working capital needs can help achieve your client’s expansion goals or provide them with a cushion to meet unforeseen expenses.

Generous Referral Commission

Your client applies using a simple application and receives quick approval and disbursement of funds. In addition, your business earns a generous commission.

An Array of Funding Solutions

Let our experience and array of funding solutions help your clients obtain the working capital they need to grow their business.

Higher Approval Rates

We achieve higher approval rates with the funding sources we partner with all while catering to your business clients of all types and growth trajectories.

Flexible & Fast Funding

When your clients need capital, we understand time is of the essence. Therefore, our top priorities are flexibility, quick turnaround, and a streamlined process, regardless of the business size or industry.

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