Wages On-Demand™

Imagine the impact on employees’ well-being

Converge Capital Group has partnered with OrbisPay to provide our clients with the experience of stress-free business growth, leveraging increased employee retention, boosted productivity, and higher company savings with the best Wages on-Demand™ solution by OrbisPay. We help eliminate the gap between employers and employees with accurate calculations that are easily accessible every day.


of employees agree that finances have been a distraction at work.


of employees would switch to a company that cares about financial well-being.


employee turnover is due to stress, increasing employer cost for hiring & trainings.


of employees said they should not have to wait until their scheduled payday.

One-stop employee-engagement partner

Zero cost

OrbisPay’s Wages on-Demand™ solution is entirely free for employers.


Quickly invite or approve new hires and current employees alike.

Access to

OrbisPay fronts the funds to the employees, not the employer.

Easy to use

Simply approve or reject transactions through your OrbisPay dashboard.


The OrbisPay platform handles all of the record-keeping and transactions.


Filter & customize

Apply and change parameters based on department, role or salary range